100% Pure Canadian Honey

100% Pure Canadian Honey

Nestled on the edge of the Eramosa River in the hamlet of Eden Mills, set against a backdrop of old-growth cedars, is where you will find Idlewood Honey Company!


Idlewood honeybees collect pollen from long-forgotten apple orchards, marshland plants growing in provincially significant wetlands, and an incredible variety of wildflowers.

Idlewood Honey is non-pasteurized to preserve the beneficial enzymes found in honey.

Each bottle of Idlewood
is packed carefully to guarantee the finest quality and purity of our honey. We are pleased to say that Idlewood Honey can be shipped anywhere in Canada.

We currently offer
Idlewood Honey in the
following sizes:

  • - 500 g glass and plastic bottles
  • - 1 kg glass and plastic bottles
  • - 140 g hex jar - perfect for gift baskets and party favours, or for when you would like to offer someone special a little "jar of sunshine".

Did you know that honey has the smallest carbon footprint of all sweeteners? When you purchase local honey, it travels from the bee's home to yours with the least amount of processing possible!

Please contact us to inquire about wholesale pricing.